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Name: Epictetus
Region: Western Philosophy
Birth Date: AD 55



Epicetus was a Greek Stoic philosopher who lived from about 55-135AD. He was probably born in Hierapolis, but lived in Rome until he was exiled to Nicopolis (Greece).

Epicetus was born a slave, but was eventually freed and lived an ill life in Rome. He was exiled, along with simliar philosophers, by the emperor Domitian in 90AD.

Epicetus' main work is the Enchiridion (Handbook), while his longer works are in the Discourses. These were both recorded by his pupil, Arrian. He focused, like most Stoics, on ethics and living the philosophic life.

Key Concepts

What is in our power

In order to maintain our moral character we must know what is in our power.

The three topoi

The three tapoi (fields of study) are: The Discipline of Desire, The Discipline of Action and The Discipline of Assent.


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