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Name: Aristotle
Region: Western philosophy
Birth Date: 384 BC
Stageira, Chalcidice


Aristotle (384 - 322BC) was born in Northern Greece. He was trained first in medicine, and then philosophy at Platos academy. He stayed at Plato's academy until about 347BC, when Plato died leaving the academy not to his strongest but rebellious pupil, Aristotle, but to his nephew Speusippus.

Aristotles philosophy covers a massive range, yet only 30 of the 150 treatises he (or his students wrote in his name, from "lecture notes") survive. His philosophy became extremely important in the medieval age as the church adopted it as part of its dogma.

"Aristotle, more than any other thinker, determined the orientation and the content of Western intellectual history. He was the author of a philosophical and scientific system that through the centuries became the support and vehicle for both medieval Christian and Islamic scholastic thought: until the end of the 17th century, Western culture was Aristotelian. And, even after the intellectual revolutions of centuries to follow, Aristotelian concepts and ideas remained embedded in Western thinking. "


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